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"Leading People to Christ through Faith, Family and Fellowship"

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Sharon United Methodist Church Lewisville, NC

Sharon is a small Methodist Church that has been serving the Lewisville, NC community for 200 years. Sharon strives to be active in the community through church coordinated events like our annual Block Party, Blessing of the Animals, and the youth sponsored Hayride.  In addition to those local missions Sharon is very active in the Winston-Salem Methodist District and also involved with missions in South Dakota to aid the Lakota Native Americans, and Africa through the Diengenga Trade School.                     


Faith is the foundation of Sharon United Methodist Church.  Our faith as Christians challenges and guides us and through faith we proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ.  Sharon United Methodist was organized as a community church in 1813.  It has progressed from a one room log cabin to the current sanctuary and educational building. The same faith that brought us this far will continue to lead Sharon into new endeavors and ministries for years to come.


At Sharon we understand the importance of family in our faith and we believe that we are all children in God's family.  As Christians God calls us to expand our family to our community, our nation and our world.  We believe we have a communal as well as  global responsibility to growing and enriching our Christian family


In the beginning, the fellowship and the breaking of bread were significant parts of the Christian experience.  Here at Sharon we believe Fellowship is just as important today, and together we share each others joys and pains, as we grow closer to becoming one in Christ. 

Home Page